About Sonic Systems

Learn more about Sonic Systems' history, team, and specialties.
Our Service Area

We have locations in Toronto and Port Hope, Ontario. Our primary service areas include the Greater Toronto Area, Northumberland, and surrounding. We also extend our service area to include Cottage Country, as many of our clients have both a business or home in the city and a getaway property.

We also have many products and services that cater to the unique needs of an international or overseas vacation property or business. While Southern Ontario is our primary service area, we have projects that take us as far south as Costa Rica. It is our pleasure to work with you on your international projects.

We can either bring our team to your remote site, be hired solely as a consultant-designer and programmer, or we can assist in coordinating with certified contractors in your desired country. We have global partners in most areas of the world. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have someone on your side with the in-depth technical knowledge your project needs, ensuring you get the best system and value.

Our Team

Sonic Systems is a group of experts with deep knowledge in the automation technology fields. The Management and Design Team bring together 50+ years of combined experience to deliver the project successfully and through one point-of-call. You will not be passed on through the organization from hand-to-hand, but rather cared for by your ‘Go-To’ person from the beginning of the project and through to completion, after-care, and service. We are organized, professional and accountable throughout the entire project – including sales, consulting and installation & aftercare service.

Sonic Systems is led by industry veteran Chris Stroesser, who has 25 years experience managing technology projects of all sizes from one-room solutions to 24,000 sq. ft. luxury homes, large-scale condominium developments and community developments, bars, restaurants, offices and retail spaces. His in-depth knowledge of each related system and how they interact, as well as his professional planning and organization, have delivered countless successful projects to a wide array of clients. Chris’ team is comprised of several industry veterans with 10-30 yrs of their own experience, all specialists in their fields and ready for any project. As a team, we bring you the best service, products, installation and system every time.