The Best Home Security System 2018: The Ultimate Guide

This article discusses the best home security systems for any country and region. Sonic Systems is based in Toronto Ontario, Canada, so the beginning preface is local-specific. Scroll past the first paragraph for the full article. The Best Home Security Systems in Toronto The most complete or best home security system could include all of […]

Is Security Monitoring Worth It? What You Need To Know

security monitoring

You may be tempted to delay adding security system monitoring to your home. After all, who truly wants another bill? The problem, though, is that a lack of security monitoring may cause you to end up losing much more than you save. You could end up losing some of your home’s most valuable assets. Worse […]

Our New Video: What is a Smart Home and What Can it do for Me?

We often get asked “What is a smart home?” Our short video here shows what a smart home can do for you and how it can make your life easier and more fun. Adding automated lighting, whole home audio, and centralized control systems simply make life better. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! We’ve been […]