Commercial Lighting Control Made Easy

Custom, energy-saving, cost-effective, and compliant lighting solutions for commercial spaces.

Solutions For Every Space

Sonic Systems provides integrated lighting solutions for commercial spaces that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of each space. As a result, the health and productivity of employees is boosted, and energy is saved. Our light systems make lighting design, installation, and operations easy.

Energy Savings

Sonic Systems will increase the lifespan of your light bulbs by managing energy usage. The key is the intelligent integration of lighting controls with HVAC systems and motorized shades. As a result, you get a perfect balance of natural and electric light, and temperature for optimal working and energy efficiency conditions.

Health and Productivity

Sonic Systems automates tunable white lighting and synchronizes with the circadian rhythm to meet the WELL Building Standard™. The WELL standard results in increased productivity, concentration and creativity. Meeting these standards can even help with healing and will save you money. Sonic Systems makes sure all the components, protocols, wiring, and software work together to meet the WELL standard. Our integrated installations perform to specification, and are easy to use.

Save Money

Sonic Systems saves you time and money on every lighting project. With our lighting control systems you get faster quotes and submittals. Wiring and installation is simplified due to having fewer components, less logistics, pre-programmed operations, faster commissioning and startup, and seamless networking.


Sonic Systems’ tunable white and coloured lighting control can create high-impact drama inside or outside a building. Whether you want a warm intimate atmosphere or a cool inspiring space, our lighting system can do it. You can create separation or continuity in large spaces, and extend brand identity to the structure of the building itself. Sonic Systems can help you set the right ambiance, whether it’s to impress, motivate, or relax.

Code Compliance

Commercial buildings must comply with federal and state energy codes. Title 24, ASHRAE, and IECC are just a few of them, especially as they pertain to energy efficiency and savings. Sonic Systems lighting control systems help you meet those requirements.

If you can imagine it, we can (usually) build it! Whether you are running just a small office or an entire multi-unit building, Sonic Systems carefully designs, installs and fully programs a system that meets your business needs and budget.

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