Marine Integration

Sonic Systems provides contemporary smart technology solutions for modern luxury superyachts.

You can expect the best-in-class technology and close working relationship with Sonic Systems and your clients will get the elegant, connected lifestyle they demand. Sonic Systems delivers contemporary solutions for the modern luxury superyacht. Our flawless control and distribution audio and video systems and seamless integration of lighting, shades, climate, and navigation systems ensure your clients have an elegant, connected lifestyle of comfort and convenience at anchor, in the marina, or at sea.


You control everything, from anywhere onboard.


Our solutions are robust and flexible, renowned for reliability.


We’re just a single call away for anything you need, anytime, at anchor or at sea, anywhere in the world.


You learn once, and use everywhere.


You can monitor all systems and identify issues – before they become issues.


We are at the forefront of technology.

All the essentials, rolled into one.

Sonic Systems is the only company that designs, manufactures, and supports the full range of marine systems in one all-inclusive system:


With just one tap, you can optimize the viewing experience, whether watching cable TV, streaming a movie or playing a game. Sonic Systems always delivers the latest, best image quality available.


You can combine dimming and colour-tuning to provide the perfect ambiance in every room and space.


With just one tap, you control everything onboard in style. You choose from a wide variety of control devices featuring the most stunning designs in the industry.


You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-grade security for the entire AV and control system, plus the ability to control security and remotely monitor CCTV.


You can distribute different music to different areas of the vessel at audiophile sound quality.


You can maximize comfort in every room and space across the vessel with absolute ease of control.


You can transform any space into a more spectacular one with silent, motorized shades. Our shades are available in a range of stunning designer fabrics, from blackout to transparent, and with a choice of elegant complementary hardware.


You can communicate, control, entertain, and play at the touch of a button. Waterproof models even dive in with you.


You track the route, monitor weather, and prepare for your destination, from anywhere onboard.

Because luxury is different for everyone

Sonic Systems puts you in charge of how your clients’ systems perform and look. Flexible controls and automations systems ensure our systems can be as unique as your clients are. And they can be seamlessly integrated into ship-related services and systems such as crew calling.

Specialized training and global support

Sonic Systems offers specialized marine training courses to help you understand your new systems inside and out. Beginning with an introduction to the full range of Sonic Systems products and solutions, we follow with insights into how we work and the services we provide. Lastly, we explain the options we offer so you can learn more about the engineering, installation, and programming.

Why you should attend

When you participate in our specialized marine training courses, you are introduced to the world of Sonic Systems and a peek behind the curtain. You will see there’s no “magic” involved, just highly advanced technology!

What you’ll learn

Our specialized marine training courses explain how to work with Sonic Systems as a company, giving you a basic understanding of how we engineer and program systems. You will learn who to contact, if you want to go deeper.

If you can imagine it, we can (usually) build it! Whether you are running just a small office or an entire multi-unit building, Sonic Systems carefully designs, installs and fully programs a system that meets your business needs and budget.

Book a free consultation.

We provide you with leading technologies developed by leading brands.

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